Black Ceto Salad Bowl by Muubs



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The salad bowl is the largest in the Ceto range and is useful for salad and oven dishes suitable for oven and microwave. The dishes are unique in the expression and have a handmade look. This look is achieved in the process where the dishes are made. The dishes are molded in different shapes to give them each their own appearance in shape and color. Mix them with the other Ceto series bowls – there are bowls of several sizes for dip, snacks and other accessories.Suitable for oven and microwave. Suitable for dishwasher.Please note that there is variation in the color in the black, sand and mustard colored Ceto variant.

  • Dimensions: 11.81″d x 2.95″h
  • Weight: 3.31 lb

Muubs is an established Danish Brand new to the American Market. The design philosophy aims to find beauty in imperfection, and to imbue storage solutions, tableware, and home accessories with the beauty of nature. Natural Scandinavian design.

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