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Braza Galvanized Wall Planters by Roost

Curvy wall planters from the Braza Collection are made from heavy galvanized iron sheet and embellished with brass beading and brazing. These substantial pieces may be used indoors or out. Left outdoors they will develop a rusty patina over time.

Holiday Decorations and Ornaments

Alkemista Infusion Vessels by Ethan + Ashe

With a modern nod to the classic spirits bottle, Alkemista combines a lab-grade borosilicate glass vessel with a removable stainless steel filter and threaded Tritan® and stainless steel base. The easy-to-use, all-in-one design enables anyone to craft and serve fresh, custom infused cocktails at home or in a bar — using fresh fruit, spices, herbs and botanicals. By marrying the timeless design of the classic spirits bottle with the beautiful simplicity of Japanese teapots, Alkemista makes the art of infusion easy. Available in Stainless and Copper finishes.