Fringe Studio PetShop Collection

PetShop by Fringe Studio creates the perfect goods for you and your pup. Shop our collection of bowls, treat jars (all with silicone seals), and stylish poo bag dispensers.

Shine Collection from Finding Home Farms

Finding Home Farms says this about their all-natural soy candles: “We spend a TON of time developing our fragrances. We want it to be part of the room, but not overwhelm it. The scent you experience when you smell the candle in the store has to match what you experience when you burn it. Our fragrances tend toward natural elements and we avoid what we call ‘headache’ scents.” 

Each of the candles in the Shine Collection is a generous 13 oz. size in a glass jar with a gold metal lid. They have a 75-85 hour burn time. 

Beautiful Gifts from Beekman 1802

BEEKMAN 1802 is an integrated media and lifestyle company devoted to the artisanal, the hand-made, and to the belief that each season gives us cause for celebration. The company is centered around the 200-year-old Beekman Farm in upstate New York originally built by William Beekman in 1802. Beekman was the first judge of Schoharie County, NY, and at the turn of the 19th century one of the most successful merchants in central New York. The attention to detail and quality to the products in his original mercantile is what influences the products BEEKMAN 1802 designs and sells today.


For over 35 years the name Surya has been synonymous with high quality, innovation and luxury. Surya designers and weavers masterfully create some of the most versatile products to bring out the best in every room. Encompassing an expert understanding of the latest trends in fashion and interior design, each Surya product is a perfect combination of color, pattern and texture to accommodate the widest range of tastes.

HomArt California Design House

Inspired by California living, design, and architecture, HomArt presents a collection of hand-finished home accessories forging a contemporary link with California’s romantic past.  This exclusive collection of refined yet affordable home accessories is created for everyday use from all-natural, recycled, and new materials that are simple and tastefully designed to comfortably mix with any décor. 

Free shipping within the continental US for orders $100 and over. Reasonable rates for everything else.

Free shipping for all jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings) for any order amount. More info…