About Us


Seven Colonial believes “a few nice things” can provide moments of beauty, evoke memories and dreams, speak of accomplishment and aspiration and, of course, bring simple enjoyment.

The warm heart of contemporary design in the Hollywood Hills.

Seven Colonial makes it easy for design-conscious consumers, wherever they live, to grace their homes with the easy elegance, touch of glamour and casual chic of the Hollywood Hills lifestyle in Southern California.Our collections reflect what we love about life in the Hollywood Hills. We curate great home décor and accessories at reasonable prices.

We had nailed contemporary design and it was cool, for a while. Too cool. It needed a tradewind’s gentle warmth, softer edges. So we brought in pieces that speak of merchant ships and distant climes even as they nestle comfortably with sleek steel and stone.

Nothing too literal — no stuffy Gentlemen’s Room here — and nothing too precious to use. Each piece in the Seven Colonial collection is 100% hand selected for quality and value. Indoors or outdoors? We enjoy both.

Questions? Let’s talk.

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