Not (just) for display! In the living room, a tray corrals remotes, tablet, books du jour and reading glasses. It may move from low table to sofa cushion to lap, but you always know where to find the essentials. In the bath, a tiny ceramic tray holds a guest soap and a folded finger towel, maybe beside a smooth stone or tea light. Or a small tray bearing note pad, pen, phone and gluten-free trail mix may follow you from kitchen to sofa to bed, catching all your thoughts, calls and crumbs. Speaking of bed, old Hollywood knew it and we recommend it: a tray levels out rumpled satin and down, sits atop odd angles to serve as lap desk, breakfast tray or a place to perch your book, or scandal rag snatched at the checkout aisle — you know who you are — while luxuriating in your cozy nest. And when it’s time to set it all aside for other things, well, that is easier with a tray, too.

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