String of 20/35/50 Rainbow Lights by the Cotton Ball Lights Co.


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A handmade string light from our fair trade factory in Thailand. With this color explosion you bring a real rainbow and a cheerful atmosphere in your home, how cool?

These beautiful cotton balls with light are suitable for every home.

Choose from 20, 35 or 50 lights and let this string of lights shine.

String of 20 lights consists of 4 x Red, 4 x Dutch Orange, 3 x Ocher, 3 x Green, 3 x Royal Blue and 3 x Purple. Length: 149″ (12′ 5″)
String of 35 lights consists of 6 x Red, 6 x Dutch Orange, 6 x Ocher, 6 x Green, 6 x Royal Blue and 5 x Purple. Length: 219″ (18′ 3″)
String of 50 lights consists of 9 x Red, 9 x Dutch Orange, 8 x Ocher, 8 x Green, 8 x Royal Blue and 8 x Purple. Length: 290.5″ (24′ 2.5″)

Info: Watt: 17W
Type of Light Source:LED
Compatible with USB Adapter, Powerbank, USB Port & More.
USB Adapter not included.