When is a Vase Not a Vase?

In her one-woman show At Liberty, Elaine Stritch says she realized she was drinking too much when she started buying her wineglasses in the vase department at Bloomingdales.

Recently I was reminded of that at a trade show when I was checking out some bulb-forcing vases I was thinking of adding to the Seven Colonial collection.

A very glamorous Beverly Hills matron was holding a huge bulb-forcing vase, lovingly admiring it. She noticed me staring at her and in a conspiratorial tone told me she was planning on using the almost foot high vases as wineglasses at her next party. I’m rarely rendered speechless, but as she wandered off, a million style-related questions came into my head.

Moral of the story: don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially when confronted with a true original.

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