Traveling with Flight 001

Paris See View Play toteAs a creature of habit and a horrible procrastinator, I face every coming Spring with a mixture of dread and anticipation. I live in a home where Spring cleaning is a necessity, and it’s not just something one can spend an afternoon on and then go out for drinks.

Unfortunately I let things build up until everything is chaotic and that is my cue to start hauling and scrubbing. Once finished with that, I reward myself with a quick trip to Europe to see friends and drink lots of wine and coffee at times of the day I wouldn’t normally be drinking either.

This year I was lucky to score the very last seat on an upcoming packed flight to Paris. I’m sure that it will be great and I will meet new friends, but just in case I am going to be traveling with my Flight 001 pillow and blanket and travel snooze pak, both of which I have taken to throwing in my carry-on bag to help make even the shortest flights a little more bearable. The quart size travel bag is a godsend when a TSA agent looks ready to pounce. I very carefully show them the bag and where it states that everything meets TSA guidelines, and I am home free.

Flight 001 has just come out with a very cool world travel adapter that comes with a world map showing how to use it depending on location so I’m looking forward to giving that a try. But first things first: I have to survive that middle seat for eleven hours.

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