Small Pantone Yellow Plate Set of 4 by Luca Trazzi for Serax


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Through Pro-Kitchen, Serax turns table setting into a colorful Pantone pallette. A new Pantone service collection, for professional and home use, easy to stack and with clearly identifiable Pantone color references on the white border of the service. A collection coated in Pantone colors, which stimulate creativity by playing with color combinations on the table.

Dimensions: 20cm (7.9″) dia.
Weight:   .30 kg (.65 lb) each

Designed by Luca Trazzi

Luca Trazzi was born in Verona, Italy in 1962. He studied architecture at the University of Venice, which he graduated from in 1987. He began to work with Italian architect Aldo Rossi on many projects including Milan’s congress building and the new city center in Kuala Lumpur amongst other projects. This partnership lasted for fifteen years until Rossi’s death. In 1993, he opened his own design and architecture studio and in 2000 he became the co-CEO of Designboom. He has designed lighting furniture for Kreon, timepieces for Swatch, and household ware for Viceversa, Guzzini and WMF. His most famous product is the francisfrancis! X1 espresso machine, which he produced in 1995. He believes that designs should be elegant and timeless instead of fashionable.