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Beth Kushnick Wood and Metal Jacks – Set of 3


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The BAK Home Collection is all about making maximum impact with minimum effort. Designer Beth Kushnick pushes the envelope with this set of wood jacks with brass accents to make a dynamic statement in any home.

BAK Home by Beth Kushnick

136972-Kushnick_Beth_IMAX.jpgThe BAK Home collection designed by Beth Kushnick features timeless and versatile home accessories, lighting, and accent furniture. With BAK Home, Kushnick offers a luxe look at an accessible price. The line consists of richly detailed pieces, all designed to work in a variety of home environments—from traditional to modern, and everywhere in between.

For almost 30 years, Beth Kushnick has created character-driven settings for some of the most recognizable feature films and television series, including her current work as set decorator on the hit CBS drama The Good Wife.

“As a Set Decorator, I am a storyteller. I transform blank slates into authentic spaces that can reveal an entire life in seconds, full of unspoken details. Using color, furniture, fabric, art, lighting and accessories, my job is to compose settings that both capture and enhance any story.”

Beth Kushnick also shops here on Seven Colonial!