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Creme Body Butter in 11 Scents by Bath Nation

Creme Body Butter in 11 Scents by Bath Nation


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Product Description

If intense moisturizing is what your skin needs, our Crème is what it craves. Loaded with shea and cocoa butters, this well-rounded body butter will help keep your skin soft and pampered.

Size: 8 fl oz / 236 mL

Available in these eleven scents:

Scent Description
Citrus Squeeze One sniff of this bright, sweet citrus scent is all it takes to transport you to your happy place on a sunny day.
Cabernet Crush A completely unique and unforgettable fragrance. Sophisticated grape with a touch of black currant.
Cucumber Mint Fresh cucumber and garden vegetals touched with a kiss of peppermint and spearmint. Think refreshing.
Green Tea The perfect spa scent. Herbal green tea with a hint of mandarin evokes a fresh calm. This is an excellent unisex scent.
Lavender and Violets Soothing lavender essential oil sweetened by Persian violets.
Ginger Lime Very spa. A hint of lime over an herbal tea and ginger base.
Coconut Vanilla A rich, fresh coconut melds with creamy vanilla.
Cucumber Splash Cucumber and cantaloupe. More melon than cucumber. Think sweet.
Berry Blast Black Currant, Black Raspberry, Blackberry. Very berry noir. Sweet and commanding.
Onaona Mango, papaya, and coconut blended together for a tropical delight.
Unscented For when you need the moisture but don't want the scent.

Directions: Smooth on to enjoy the moisturizing benefits of this skin softening body crème. Repeat as needed.

Key Ingredients: Cocoa butter, shea butter. Cocoa butter is one of the most stable, highly concentrated natural fats known, and melts at body temperature so that it is readily absorbed into the skin. Shea butter, an emollient with anti-inflammatory and protective properties is great for keeping skin soft and healthy.

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