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Sugar Scrub in 5 Scents by Bath Nation

Sugar Scrub in 5 Scents by Bath Nation


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Product Description

A skin’s best friend in the exfoliation fight. Sugar Scrub’s extraordinary exfoliation does away with stubborn dry skin using small and large grained organic sugars.

Size: 8 fl oz / 236 mL

Available in these five scents:

Scent Description
Cucumber Mint Fresh cucumber and garden vegetals touched with a kiss of peppermint and spearmint. Think refreshing.
Lavender and Violets Soothing lavender essential oil sweetened by Persian violets.
Ginger Lime Very spa. A hint of lime over an herbal tea and ginger base.
Coconut Vanilla A rich, fresh coconut melds with creamy vanilla.
Berry Blast Black Currant, Black Raspberry, Blackberry. Very berry noir. Sweet and commanding.

Directions: Massage over dampened skin with wash cloth or hand. Focus on rough, dry areas. Rinse horoughly. Avoid facial, broken, or freshly shaven skin.

Key Ingredients: Organic cane sugar, shea butter. Tan sugar, derived from organic sugar cane, is the excellent exfoliator in the jar that gently polishes the skin. Shea butter, an emollient with anti-inflammatory and protective properties is great for keeping skin soft and healthy.

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