As Seen on “The Good Wife”

The_Good_Wife_LogoWe were delighted to receive a call here at Seven Colonial from Beth Kushnick SDSA, set decorator for the hit CBS television series “The Good Wife.”

Beth Kushnick started her career as a Set Decorator in the film and television industry over twenty-five years ago and has done set decoration for “Law & Order: Trial by Jury”, “Conviction”, “Canterbury’s Law”, “Fringe”, just to name a few.

Beth placed a nice order for many items to be used on upcoming sets of the show. She later tweeted:

Twitter SetDecTheGoodWife

Be watching for some of these beautiful pieces on “The Good Wife:”

For more info on Beth Kushnick and her work on “The Good Wife,” read this nice interview in Set Decor Online.

The flow of the floor plans for both Alicia’s Apartment and the Stern, Lockhart and Gardner Law Firm are visually endless, which is a concept Production Designer Stephen Hendrickson gives to all of his designs. In our collaboration it allows me to think outside the usual “shooting heads” format for television and create a full world for our characters. I find myself adding to the dressing as we continue to layer both sets, which are featured in each episode. Our directors have responded to the sets with great enthusiasm and have shown their appreciation with many wide establishing shots.

Follow Beth on Twitter: @BethKushnick.

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