Greenmarket Purveying Co.

Greenmarket Pruveying Co Tomato + Lime Archivist Candle
Compliments come in unexpected ways.

We recently received our first shipment of candles and diffusers from Greenmarket Purveying Co. I put it in my garage for a couple hours until I had time to open and inspect them. My friend Amy came over to pick me up for lunch and I opened the garage to get something for her. Out of nowhere she remarked on how great my garage smelled. Anyone who knows me would laugh because my garage is sort of the black hole where things disappear, and certainly no one had ever remarked that it smelled good. With age I have learned to take compliments whenever I can get them.

Fresh and Simple

So many adjectives come to mind when I think of Greenmarket. Fresh, simple, natural, extremely well made by people who are very involved in their craft. The flavors remind me of a beautiful garden and are just lightly scented:They do not, like certain other candles, attack the senses. Greenmarket candles will be a welcome addition to our home and, we hope, to yours.

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